Month: December 2016

Guilders Ford – December/January Rules Update

December Games:

After you have played your December campaign game and completed all experience, income and trading, you may add a third territory to your roster.

With the rebuilding and exploration efforts revealing lots of new areas ripe for the picking, you may roll twice on the territory table and choose from the result.

January Games:

– As we are restricting games to one per month, ‘captured’ results should be re-rolled, unless you both agree to use your next monthly game to play a rescue mission.

– As territory is currently restricted, once your normal income from territory has been calculated, you may also send any remaining gang members to forage in the rubble of Old Guilders for D6 credits of income each. Any member can forage (except hired guns) but they cannot perform any other action such as working territory or visiting the trading post. These credits are additional to your normal income and are not modified or reduced like the normal income is. Outlander gangs who are already foraging may instead add +1 to their forage rolls to represent the rich pickings available in the ruins.

– Due to a surplus of black market goods all gangs will be offered an additional +2 items when rolling on the rare trade table.

– After you have played your January campaign game and completed all experience, income and trading, you may roll to add a fourth territory to your roster.

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Guilders Ford Campaign Opener

+++ Emergency Broadcast +++

Attention Citizens! Precint 19 has issued an immediate general alert following reports of the discovery of a creature in the tunnel network leading to the area known as New-Guilders.

Survivors of a large scale expedition into the tunnel network have provided multiple reports of the decovery of a grand central chamber, which appears to have originally be some form of temple. Within this chamber, survivors report finding a large worm like creature and numerous offspring. This creature is described as a ‘terrifying beast’ with a huge fanged mouth, tough rubbery skin and seemed to excrete some sort of venemous slime. The chamber also contained a large number of bodies, previous victims of the creature.

A subsequent emergency expedition by Precinct 19 and agents of the Ordo Hereticus have located the central chamber. Two of the decomposing bodies found have been identified as notorious gang members missing since the great fire, who were presumed lost in the flames. Next of kin have been notified.

The tunnel network remains off limits to all but Ordo Hereticus personnel, trespassers will be immediately executed.

Precinct 19 has designated a level 2 warning for the missing creature. ‘The Beast’ has been designated as highly dangerous – if seen, do not approach, and immediately report any sightings to your nearest precinct station.

+++ Transmission Ends +++

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