Month: February 2017

Guilders Ford February Rules Update


Thank you all for updating your Yaktribe rosters.

With the New-Guilders gangs currently slightly ahead on total gang ratings, the expansion into the new areas of Guilders-Ford is proceeding better than expected.

However, more and more reports are coming in of strange creatures and missing persons… Has the expansion perhaps been too hasty? Questions are starting to be asked as to why the New-Guilders dome was originally abandoned. Precinct 19 researchers have been busy in the archives, but have so far found no mention of the mysterious new dome.

Enforcer perimeter patrols have been stepped up, and a sector-wide curfew has been issued for the New-Guilders area.

Meanwhile, in Old-Guilders, work crews are busy round the clock rebuilding the areas gutted by the great fire. The old gangs have been lending their support, whilst taking advantage of the restoration to expand their territories and influence.

So far, things have mostly been good all round, but now available territories are few and far between – old rivalries and grudges are beginning to come to the surface, and citizens are starting to go missing with alarming regularity…

February Game Rules:

– Treat all ‘captured’ results as ‘full recovery’

– Foraging: any gang member who did not go out of action, work territory or visit the trading post may forage for D6 credits after all income is completed. Outlander gangs may instead add +1 to all foraging rolls.

– Strange Creatures: Something is hiding in the ruins. All games must use the ‘Monster Roll’ rule, and this must be rolled every turn. If a model is taken out of action as a result of this roll, you must notify me with the ganger’s name and the injury result rolled.

– Deeper exploration: Roll a D6 before the game. On a 1 or 2, you are fighting in the ruins of Old-Guilders, where the work crews have yet to reach. the entire ground level of the table is covered by a thick layer of ash, and counts as difficult terrain.

– Trading post: One extra item will be offered to your leader at the trading post this month.

– Territory: After completing your post-game phase, roll a new territory to add to your roster.


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