Month: April 2020

A Tale of Guildford Gamers: 40k Part 2

Our intrepid crew has been busy and growing over the first quarter of 2020. Adding Chris Ranson’s Tyranids to the tale! Some people have hit their initial target of 500pts and others have shot straight past it with the lockdown and their hobby processes being hyper efficient.

But enough blabbering about the top level stuff, let’s get into why you’re all really here, the armies themselves!

Hive Fleet Malacostraca Chris Ranson

Hive Fleet Malacostraca were first drawn from the cold void of space during the Fall of the Eldar. Their collective psychic might had drawn the attention of the swarm who began their onslaught with a series of co-ordinated attacks on the outlying systems and any Craftworlds that were unfortunate to cross their path. Their demise and subsequent consumption was swift. But before Hive Fleet Malacostraca could secure their foothold in the eastern fringes of the galaxy, the hedonistic ways of the Eldar gave birth to the Chaos god, Slaanesh. With such vast quantities of biomass destroyed and the increasing number of interactions with the daemon forces of the warp, the collective Hive Mind silently sunk back into the darkness and began its long sleep, waiting and drifting towards the next unsuspecting victim. I always loved the Nids as a kid so it seemed liking a fitting place start when I jumped back into the hobby last year. I already had a small force when I was asked to join in with the Tale of Gamers and hopefully this will be the motivation I need to actually get an army finished! For my first 500 points I wanted to get a good force of basic troops which I can then build on whilst adding some of the other big beasties that we have available to us.

Battalion Detachment o

HQ  Hive Tyrant Selections: Adrenal Glands, Heavy Venom Cannon, Monstrous Rending Claws, Wings

 Neurothrope

o Troops

 Ripper Swarms Selections: 3x Ripper Swarm
 Termagants  6x Termagant (Devourer) Selections: 6x Devourer  10x Termagant (Fleshborer)
 Tyranid Warriors  Tyranid Warrior Selections: Deathspitter, Scything Talons  Tyranid Warrior Selections: Deathspitter, Scything Talons  Tyranid Warrior (Bio-cannon) Selections: Scything Talons, Venom Cannon

Autarch CJ

Group shot! There is a Wraithlord sized hole here as I haven’t got the magnets I want yet. I seem to be preparing to paint some Dire Avengers next, which isn’t really on brief and not worth many points! I’m looking forward to painting them though. I’m going to do them in a lighter blue than the rest of the armies’ dark blue but which will tie in better with the darker blue when I manage to do some highlighting. I will focus on the rest of the Wraithguard and my characters in the next few months which should help me stay on track points wise.

First dire avenger. I went a bit bright on the blue. Not an issue unless I try to have some swooping hawks too as this is more their colour…

Phareon Amenhotep III (Adam)

I got a metal night bringer which is already cleaned up. Just needs pinning. That and 10 immortals are tomorrow’s goal ready to undercoat. I’ve set myself a goal of painting three eliminators before starting them. Trying to clear the back log. Bit of green stuffing to do at waist. Also not convinced by joint between scythe head and shaft. Can’t pin it. Going to do three heavy destroyers as well. I think the extra range is really useful.

Dengue Ebolus (Josh)

So a little bit behind, corona virus has meant that my partner has taken over my painting desk so that she can work from home, so things have slowed and I haven’t quite finished the rhino paintjob. Really happy how the army is progressing, learning and discovering techniques and new ways to paint. Moving forward the plan is to have my lord of contagion be a counts as Typhus to buff my poxwalkers and therefore add another full unit of them. I’m also working on a conversion for a daemon prince of Nurgle (Prince Covid, Crown of the weeping lung). I’ll also be adding to the elites slots with a foul blightspawn and a noxious blightbringer to get those poxwalkers up the board quicker. Just gonna have to create a new space to model and paint!

Phaeron Osirekh David

Finished the start collecting box to provide the core of the army. Stuck with the planned orange/black/grey colour scheme and am being strict about adhering to the ‘3 colour minimum and based’ standard to keep the project simple and on track.

I also got started on the next poriton of the army and the bit I am most excited about. Adding the C’Tan! My scheme involves 5 C’Tan but I could potentially get more if I did not despise the Tesseract Vault model being so huge. I’ll be using some 3rd party models from Mierce Miniatures to be three free floating Transcendent C’Tan in the next points jump. I painted the Deceiver and the ‘Dawnbringer’ C’Tan. I couldn’t use a Nightbringer as Adam’s Phaeron has one!