2018 Guildford Games Club Painting Challenge: December!

Final entry for 2018 and Paul is back in action with some extremely characterful halflings!

While I, not to be outdone on the half size men, have cranked out a handful of Warmaster Wood Elves and a few more Stormcast.

The Pledges

Name Pledge Progress Comments
David Last Completely paint and base 200 models by Dec 31st 2018, learn how to paint glowing energy ‘power sword’ effects 5 Sequitors, 1 stormcast heralder, 1 warmaster wood elf glade riders, 1 warmaster wood elf warhawk riders, 4 warmaster characters, 2 warmaster wood elf glade guard and 2 units of warmaster treekin
I will count 28-32mm figures as one model, 5x6mm figures as one model, larger monstrous/warmachine/etc. figures may count as more than one model
Tim Smith craft a 6×4 tables worth of terrain; summer grassland and rocky outcrops. Also want to fully paint a small Eldar/Ynnari army, magnetising the larger models and/or customising the army in some way his year I managed to do the 6×4 worth of terrain and nealry finished 1500 points of my 2k list – just some Tau FWs to do and then some basing Despite having a baby cutting into my hobby time, I might succeed in my challenge (albeit a smaller Tau army instead of my Eldar).
Paul Townsend complete one element (troop, character, warmachine or monster) for kings of war _or_ three bases of 6mm napoleonics each month to a gaming standardI pledge to update http://Hobbybrush.com at least once a month, to encourage my own hobby and further promote that of the club Halfmen are top of the Bill for me again – finally starting their artillery college forces with a cannon and a steel behemoth (steam land ship) and my preacher finally had his goat painted to pull his mighty wheelbarrow into war! 
Alex Foyster -Pick up a brush and paint once per week.-Finish one ‘thing’ per month
Ash March complete 100 miniatures by the end of the year ???/100 Calvary count as 2 each, big stuff 5. Will start to keep track from next month
Biel Tan Paint 1 full squad of minis per month from my currently owned backlog for the rest of the year. ???/6 months

Great job everyone who contributed this year 🙂