2019 Guildford Games Club Hobby Challenge: February!

And February checking in, plenty of hobbying completed this month.

Mark Collins has his pen out, pages flyin’ books on their way!

Adam Stallwood has built a huge supply of models and, despite that, also managed to paint some stunning models AND build a display board! If only I could be as industrious as Comrade Stallwood!

Paul’s halflings surge ahead, completely blowing past his monthly objective to complete 6 new elements of the army! Plus they look incredible!

I got a few Inifnity models done for the campaign and finished my current LotR elf collection.

James has been active in hobbyland too, basecoating, building, painting and even doing some Necromunda rules writing. Look at that vibrant green on the Van Saar!

Wes has powered on with his Haqqislam forces, getting them all beautiful and battle ready.

The Pledges

Name Pledge Progress Comments
Tom James Lavers Bevell 1. Finish painting my Dark angels (there currently are at least 200 unpainted models, 80 of which are tactical marines)
2. Actually win a game with them!
Sam Parish I have four cases of unfinished models. Some need some hobby work done, others just need painting. What I’d like to do, is have the club pick one of my boxes at random on a poll on the Games club page, and that’s the first box I work on.
James Dix To complete my:
Imperial Guard army (4000pts ish left to do)
Prussian army
Necromunda House Gangs
Some base undercoating on the tanks for my Imperial Guard

Some progress on the Van Saar gang for Necromunda

Painted up a new set of scenery for Necromunda

Written a whole new campaign for Necromunda

Alex Ede Fully complete my heresy blood angels and sanguinius (if when he drops) roughly 1500pts left to go and place well with them in the heresy eventsAnd make a proper start and finish my ironjawz to 2500pts and then take them to an event at WHw
Paul Townsend I aim to complete the equivalent of two elements (character, “troop” sized unit or war machine) for kings of war each month. Included in this at least 3 giants, complete my Frostgrave warband, napoleonic french, and get the Halfmen to a good playable size army. Game on! Halfmen have formed the core of my focus this month. A couple of unexpected days off work have given me more brush time than usual. Target of two gaming elements for the month smashed with 6 completed, and progress on a number of other projects including conversions like an ogre…..
David Last 1. Fully paint and base 200 models

2. Finish the small projects: Blood Bowl Team, Superhero Team
3. Attend 3 tournaments4. (Attempt to) run a Campaign at the club

A Rui Shi, Haidao, Daoying and 2 Zuyong for Infinity and 14 elves for Lord of the Rings.

Campaign: 69/200

Played in a Warmaster tournament, finished 6th out of 8: 2/3 tournaments

Started infinity Campaign at the club with 8 participants

I will count 28-32mm figures as one model, 5x6mm figures as one model, 3x10mm as one model, larger monstrous/warmachine/etc. figures may count as more than one model
Ross Packman I’d like to get a Necromunda board finished, including multi-level terrain.
Mark Collins I hope to rewrite and finish a third novel, World Without Bounds, for Easter and then write a fourth entirely new novel from scratch in the same series by Christmas. Update for the challenge is I am about 2weeks behind my goal. Must pull my pen and ink out!
James Jimmy Pownall I want to be able to filed 3k pts of skaven in 6th Ed fantasy fully painted.
Wes Saunders I want to work on my painting techniques and at least enter some kind of painting competition (mostly) finished haqq starter set! In terms of painting, I wanted to push myself this year and have decided to do these as my standard paint job – something to work up from. I tend to do a couple of simple base colours, a good helping of my trusty Army Painter strong tone, neaten, little highlight and then call it a day.
Adam Stallwood I’d like to pledge a genestealer cult army for 40k. 2000pts (ish) worth My feb update. One more painted model to follow. Lots of assembly this month due to release of so much stuff. Five games in for the army now and so many more acolytes to buy, assemble and paint. Also got in that double tournament with Wayne Ennis. We came 9th overall.
Eddie Turner Take on GWs Lord of the Rings Hobby Bingo

Happy hobbying!