Guildford Games Club Hobby Challenge: August!

With his Genestealer Cult tournament ready Adam could have taken his foot off the pedal. But nothing will hold him back from defending the Imperium of man! Some eminently rational space marines: Raptors!

Not to be outdone Paul’s legions of halflings gather apace, backed up by some giant armoured halflings from Italy and never before have I seen such appealing twigs. Just look at those goats!

I finished off the last bits of my LotR Elves with Gil-Galad, Haldir and Elrond, plus Gandalf ‘cos everyone needs a Gandalf. Then dove into my WW2 French for Flames of War. Plus some little airplanes for Epic.

The Pledges!

Tom James Lavers Bevell 1. Finish painting my Dark angels (there currently are at least 200 unpainted models, 80 of which are tactical marines)
2. Actually win a game with them!
Sam ParishI have four cases of unfinished models. Some need some hobby work done, others just need painting. What I’d like to do, is have the club pick one of my boxes at random on a poll on the Games club page, and that’s the first box I work on.
James DixTo complete my:
Imperial Guard army (4000pts ish left to do)
Prussian army
Necromunda House Gangs
Alex EdeFully complete my heresy blood angels and sanguinius (if when he drops) roughly 1500pts left to go and place well with them in the heresy events And make a proper start and finish my ironjawz to 2500pts and then take them to an event at WHw
Paul TownsendI aim to complete the equivalent of two elements (character, “troop” sized unit or war machine) for kings of war each month. Included in this at least 3 giants, complete my Frostgrave warband, napoleonic french, and get the Halfmen to a good playable size army. Game on!Did somebody say mega-battle?? Spurred on by thoughts of actually setting up the massive KoW game, the brushes have flown this month. Half an hour after work each day has been the aim, plus I had one day off which I spent painting the Romans.
End result : – set of Gabion defences suitable for 28mm Two regiments of Roman Praetorians. Two regiments of half-bill-men (spearlings ). And a troop of goat cavalry to top it off.
The green liveried shorties of Aletryon have arrived!
David Last1. Fully paint and base 200 models 2. Finish the small projects: Blood Bowl Team, Superhero Team
3. Attend 3 tournaments4. (Attempt to) run a Campaign at the club
4 LotR heroes, a French Fusilier Platoon, French Machine Gun and Mortar Platoons, Trench Supply vehicles and two little Spitefire airplanes.
242/200. Complete!
BBowl Team: 0
Supers: 0
Infinity Campaign: 6/6 Complete!
Tournaments: 3/3 Complete!
I will count 28-32mm figures as one model, 5x6mm figures as one model, 3x10mm as one model, larger monstrous/warmachine/etc. figures may count as more than one model
Ross PackmanI’d like to get a Necromunda board finished, including multi-level terrain.
Mark CollinsI hope to rewrite and finish a third novel, World Without Bounds, for Easter and then write a fourth entirely new novel from scratch in the same series by Christmas.
James Jimmy Pownall I want to be able to field 3k pts of skaven in 6th Ed fantasy fully painted.
Wes SaundersI want to work on my painting techniques and at least enter some kind of painting competition
Adam StallwoodI’d like to pledge a genestealer cult army for 40k. 2000pts (ish) worthAfter the completion of my tournament list for GSC I have been swept up with new marine hype and have decided to paint more to my Primaris force. These guys are Raptors. A successor of the ravenguard and commonly known as sensible marine. These guys style of play have seen a massive boost with the new vanguard units and need a little love. I have just been painting the stuff I already have, left overs from dark imperium and shadowspear. Here are some pictures of the entire force to date, some where painted over a year ago though.
Eddie TurnerTake on GWs Lord of the Rings Hobby Bingo

Happy Hobbying!