Guildford Games Club Hobby Challenge: July!

July is checking in with some fantastic work from the Guildford Games Club. Adam is here to dazzle us with object source lighting and some cheeky conversions from Kal Jherico and a Kasrkin to make more mutant pistolero

Paul’s halfling horde grows ever mightier with some trolls, ogre bodyguards, a financier and a goat mounted knightly prince. Not to be outdone by those hobbitses the Rohirrim rally to their banners

I painted some more elves for Lord of the Rings. Wood elves and some of the many (many many) elven heroes. Plus I added some bright orange and red remotes to my Infinity forces, who needs stealth when you’re the Invicincible Army

The Pledges!

Tom James Lavers Bevell 1. Finish painting my Dark angels (there currently are at least 200 unpainted models, 80 of which are tactical marines)
2. Actually win a game with them!
Sam ParishI have four cases of unfinished models. Some need some hobby work done, others just need painting. What I’d like to do, is have the club pick one of my boxes at random on a poll on the Games club page, and that’s the first box I work on.
James DixTo complete my:
Imperial Guard army (4000pts ish left to do)
Prussian army
Necromunda House Gangs
Alex EdeFully complete my heresy blood angels and sanguinius (if when he drops) roughly 1500pts left to go and place well with them in the heresy events And make a proper start and finish my ironjawz to 2500pts and then take them to an event at WHw
Paul TownsendI aim to complete the equivalent of two elements (character, “troop” sized unit or war machine) for kings of war each month. Included in this at least 3 giants, complete my Frostgrave warband, napoleonic french, and get the Halfmen to a good playable size army. Game on!For frostgrave: “paleface” and a speedy familiar / imp
For LotR: Rohan banner bearers
For warhammer (6th): some cute stone trolls from TT combat
And for Kings of war, a regiment of house guard represented by a not-so-noble prince, his ogre-borne financier and a few elite guards.
David Last1. Fully paint and base 200 models 2. Finish the small projects: Blood Bowl Team, Superhero Team
3. Attend 3 tournaments4. (Attempt to) run a Campaign at the club
Painted 12 LotR Wood Elves, 3 LotR Elf Rangers, 6 Rivendell heroes and 2 Ininity Yu Jing remotes
204/200. Complete!
BBowl Team: 0
Supers: 0
Infinity Campaign: 6/6 Complete!
Tournaments: 3/3 Complete!
I will count 28-32mm figures as one model, 5x6mm figures as one model, 3x10mm as one model, larger monstrous/warmachine/etc. figures may count as more than one model
Ross PackmanI’d like to get a Necromunda board finished, including multi-level terrain.
Mark CollinsI hope to rewrite and finish a third novel, World Without Bounds, for Easter and then write a fourth entirely new novel from scratch in the same series by Christmas.
James Jimmy Pownall I want to be able to field 3k pts of skaven in 6th Ed fantasy fully painted.
Wes SaundersI want to work on my painting techniques and at least enter some kind of painting competition
Adam StallwoodI’d like to pledge a genestealer cult army for 40k. 2000pts (ish) worthTwo converted characters as I didn’t want to double up on models if possible. A kelermorph made from the new kal Jericho model and a primus from a kasrkin sergeant.
Eddie TurnerTake on GWs Lord of the Rings Hobby Bingo

Happy hobbying!