Persephone-4 Station Narrative Campaign

A leak from a secret 0-12 Document has been picked up by several different intelligence agencies. The Hexahedron, Hassassin Bahram and others. The details are explosive. The Persephone-4 Orbital Habitat has been infiltrated by Combined Army Impersonators, codenamed Shasvastii. For the enterprising power – Hyper or Super – this is both an unacceptable risk and a potential opportunity. Discredit rivals and show your own success in combating the Combined Army. Place your own operatives in positions of power. Practice new counter-espionage techniques or use new experimental tech. However, whoever gets sent is entering a spiders web hanging in a lion’s den – multiple competing factions, risk of civilian casualties and near undetectable alien infiltrators…

Each government in turn has come to the same conclusion. A large scale mission is not practical and instead a small elite team will be sent in. However to prevent the risk of an individual being captured and revealing the rest of their team only one operative will know all of the members and will need to slowly make contact with the rest of the team and build them into a functional fighting force.

Uncover enemy operatives. Eliminate them. Seize control of key locations and get operatives into key political positions. Don’t get found out. Simple right?


The Guildford Games Club is running a slow grow narrative Infinity campaign. Pitting our players in a series of games over several months, each adding more points to their Limited Insertion teams as they go but having to contend with civilians and local infrastructure as well as one another’s teams!

Let’s meet those teams:

The Teams

Team Name: Guojia diguo 147th (yibai sishiqi) dadui tezhong budui

Player: David Last

Name Model Type Narrative Upgrades
Nian Zhen Zuyong – attained the rank of junshi
– specialist in room to room urban warfare- has a collection of historical scale model planes
Yoshiyuki Miyo Haidao – remained loyal to his unit – and by extension Yu Jing during the uprising
– is concerned about the rumours of ISS warcrimes and news suppression

Team Name:

Player: Freddie Barnes

Name Model Type Narrative Upgrades
00000001 Garuda
00000010 Deva Functionary

Team Name:

Player: Justin Carnzu

Name Model Type Narrative Upgrades

Team Name: (corrupted) n~x ~is~<-rs

Player: Julian Cox

A number of non-human tourists are currently on holiday in the Persephone-4 Orbital Habitat. Friends have told them they should visit the 123m, spire like, transmission tower the station is renowned for across the human sphere as well as sampling some of the local food outlets. Any gel like substance they leave in their wake on door handles and so forth is entirely natural and can easily be washed off with water. (Any rumours of Noctifiers is clearly inaccurate but may have been planted in the channels to throw off any intelligence – for now)

Name Model Type Narrative Upgrades
Nexus Operative
Unidron Batroid
Unidron Batroid

Team Name:

Player: Wes Saunders

Name Model Type Narrative Upgrades

Team Name:

Player: Eddie Turner

Name Model Type Narrative Upgrades

Team Name:

Player: Josh Fitzwilliams

Name Model Type Narrative Upgrades
Kent Kowalski Airborne Ranger – cigar and bourbon drinker

– general badass

– rumoured to have killed an antipode with his bare hands

Chuck Sizemore Grunt – cheap beer and big guns

– waver of flags

– xenophobe

Jenna Wolcott Grunt – politics major

– idealist

– currently in the final stages of completing a combat trauma care course

Terry Shughart Grunt – intelligent

– clear thinking and concise

– future leader program

– misses his wife

Team Name:

Player: Cameron Bell

Name Model Type Narrative Upgrades
órfão Zero
fantasma Zero
louco Morlock