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Club Night – Mon 12 June

Fairly busy with a great mix of games.

Of course the Shadow War campaign rumbles on.

We also had:

  • 40k 8th Edition
  • EPIC Armageddon
  • Marvel Universe miniature game
  • Settlers of Catan boardgame
  • The Spoils cardgame
  • Ticket to Ride boardgame
  • The Men Who Would be Kings – Osprey publishing 


Club Night – Mon 8th May

Club Night – Mon 8th May

Busy night tonight with:

  • 6 players practicing for Shadow War campaign.
  • 3 player game of Kings of War.
  • Huge 6 player Necromunda game against a horde of zombies.
  • 3 playing Roborally and World of Tanks card game.
  • 2 playing the intro games to Walking Dead from Mantic Games.