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Persephone-4 Station Narrative Campaign

A leak from a secret 0-12 Document has been picked up by several different intelligence agencies. The Hexahedron, Hassassin Bahram and others. The details are explosive. The Persephone-4 Orbital Habitat has been infiltrated by Combined Army Impersonators, codenamed Shasvastii. For the enterprising power – Hyper or Super – this is both an unacceptable risk and a potential opportunity. Discredit rivals and show your own success in combating the Combined Army. Place your own operatives in positions of power. Practice new counter-espionage techniques or use new experimental tech. However, whoever gets sent is entering a spiders web hanging in a lion’s den – multiple competing factions, risk of civilian casualties and near undetectable alien infiltrators…

Each government in turn has come to the same conclusion. A large scale mission is not practical and instead a small elite team will be sent in. However to prevent the risk of an individual being captured and revealing the rest of their team only one operative will know all of the members and will need to slowly make contact with the rest of the team and build them into a functional fighting force.

Uncover enemy operatives. Eliminate them. Seize control of key locations and get operatives into key political positions. Don’t get found out. Simple right?


The Guildford Games Club is running a slow grow narrative Infinity campaign. Pitting our players in a series of games over several months, each adding more points to their Limited Insertion teams as they go but having to contend with civilians and local infrastructure as well as one another’s teams!

Round 6

Round 5

Round 4

*news jingle*

Kidnappings across Persephone station!

This last night a series of coordinated kidnapping took place on Persephone station. All of those taken are members of the station’s government. Security foces are on high alert and are investigating. Civilians are being placed under a curfew to try and prevent the situation spiralling out of control. Remain calm.

During these kidnapping attempts numerous reports have come in that – of all things – a Tactical Armoured Gear was seen getting ambushed by pirates, the hail of fire was intense and people in buildings nearby said it was deafening but also seemingly calculated and surgical. The gear did not survive. The Haqqislamite ambassador has confirmed that these pirates struck one of their ships on the silk road and stole some of their weaponry and armour, explaining why there have been sightings of Haqqislamite special forces across the station. It’s pirates! What is the Sphere coming to!

Furthermore there is grainy footage of a large Combined Army force engaged in combat with a criminal cartel. This appears to corroborate the suspected Combined Army corpses found several weeks ago. They are operating on the station. Even more sinisterly it seems that reknowned bounty hunter Miranda Ashcroft is working with the Combined Army and providing them with both intel and her famed skills in battle. Single handedly facing down an entire team of criminals and smuggled Yu-Jing surplus armour!

Round 3

*news jingle*

People of…Station…communications…hacked!

Gunfight and…bodies littering Hermes Road…

*signal cuts out*

Round 2

*news jingle*

Good morning PNN viewers. Station security has reported that there has been an escalation in the suspected gang activity from Chang’s Diner. A full blown turf war seems to have started with rival gangs pushing one another out of city blocks in Lethe district. Citizens are adivsed to keep alert to suspicious activity and report anything unusual to Station security.

Based on the sheer volume of bullet impacts in one section of wall security believe that there may have been one extremely well entrenched defender, receiving hundreds of rounds but still, somehow, managing to survive it all.

Blood and fur from a suspected – and illegal to own on station – Ariadnan Devil Dog was found as well suggesting that these criminals are also engaged in black market animal smuggling!

They also discovered a few high caliber bullet holes suggesting a sniper but only a few casings matching them from a high perch. Many of the holes had blood in them. Suggesting that at least one side had a skilled sniper in an overwatch position. Security services are requesting additional equipment to deal with this threat.

In towards the storage facility another round of fighitng was reported but this seemed to be a much smaller affair. No blood was found – though a few mechanical components appeared to have been blown out but none matching any of the machinery in the facility. Perhaps remotes were in use? Nearby observers reported seeing a pillar of smoke and some short bursts of gunfire but nothing more. Security forces speculate that perhaps there are multiple different gangs competing across the station and these two seemed more interested in positioning than gunfighting.

It seems though that perhaps these more civilised gangs are not the norm as in breaking news there’s active gunfire near the parking block in Lethe sector! Live footage is streaming your way but we’re not able to get a camera crew safely into that area! There’s intense gunfire, lots of shouting! The sounds of sniper fire and suppressive fire with heavy weaponry! Whoever’s in there is engaged in a bloodbath and extremely well equipped!

Round 1

*news jingle*

Violence at Chang’s Diner!

Breaking news from PNN, the most trusted news network on Persephone Station!

Just hours ago Chang’s Diner in downtown sector 3 was rocked by gunfire. Security forces have cordoned off the area and are investigating. We’ve got exclusive live witness testimony!

Ahmed and Omar were eating inside Chang’s as it came under attack

“We were just in there, eating Chang’s spicy ramen when these two psychos leaned in across windows in the shop and sprayed bullets at each other! Everyone just had to duck and hide! One of them looked like one of those Aleph robots, maybe someone hacked it! Dunno about the other one, Omar said it might be one of those secret Haqqislam assassins.”

William was running health and safety checks on some of the equipment facilities in sector 3

“One of them just came at me with a knife. Looked like one of them ‘Nomad’ criminals. I panicked and just whacked ’em with my clipboard, then I tripped. I must’ve scared ’em though ‘cos they weren’t there once I got back up again.”

Security forces have since taken the clipboard as evidence.

This just in! We have a photo taken of the event, I must warn viewers this could be shocking!

I have been informed that armour is worn by Yu Jing troopers, while the Yu Jing embassy has claimed that there was a theft of a shipment of their armour several months ago, likely that’s where this suit came from.

Several witness statements also place Ariadnan airborne forces at the scene but seemingly they were just good samaritans out on a holiday. Running into the firefight to help civilians and not once seen attacking anyone.

In other news blood and corpses were found in a slaughterhouse just on the outskirts of sector 3. One body identified as a Nomad science experiment gone awry while blood stains and armour fragments indicate that Ariadnan forces were purchasing meat when this ‘Morlock’ burst in in a frenzied rage and opened fire.

Oerhaps related to this, and most distrubingly of all, several civilian casualties were found near to a hired bounty hunter and a Combined Army alien corpse. Terrified witnesses say that the Yu Jing equipped forces engaged the aliens after they started gunning down civilians but there is no one to corroborate this.

Terrible scenes. Our thoughts – and those of everyone on Persephone station – go out to those impacted by this violence.

Campaign Points

(round 1 does not count towards this)

Name Games Played Wins Draws Losses Bonuses Total
Cameron 2 1 0 1 3
David 3+bye 2 0 1 bye 7
Eddie 0 0 0 0 0
Freddie 4 2 0 2 +1 7
Josh 4 2 0 2 6
Julian 4 3 0 1 +1 10
Justin 0 0 0 0 0
Wes 4 1 0 3 3

The Teams

Team Name: Guojia diguo 147th (yibai sishiqi) dadui tezhong budui

Player: David Last

Name Model Type Narrative Upgrades
Nian Zhen Zuyong – attained the rank of junshi
– specialist in room to room urban warfare- has a collection of historical scale model planes
Optical Disruptor, Veteran Lv.1
Yoshiyuki Miyo Haidao – remained loyal to his unit and, by extension, Yu Jing during the uprising
– is concerned about the rumours of ISS warcrimes and news suppression-Suicidal combat engineer!
Jiang Ying Yue Daoying – Loves the new tech and gizmos!- Cool under pressure and trusted by her command
Unit-0221 Rui Shi – Reliability issues, in frequent need of repair
Nam-Joo Kim Zuyong – Small unit tactics specialist-Suppressing fire!
Unit-0222 Son-Bae – Need to recalibrate targeting systems
William Jun-Dae Haidao
Minamoto Shinji Zhencha

Team Name:

Player: Freddie Barnes

Name Model Type Narrative Upgrades
00000001 Garuda Is sorry but cannot let you do that Fatality Lv.1
00000010 Deva Functionary Dreamt of cattle last night Smoke Grenades
00000011 Bulleteer
00000100 Bulleteer
Fugazi Dronbot
Pathfinder Dronbot
Sierra Dronbot
Fugazi Dronbot
Fugazi Dronbot
Fugazi Dronbot

Team Name:

Player: Justin Carnzu

Name Model Type Narrative Upgrades

Team Name: (corrupted) n~x ~is~<-rs

Player: Julian Cox

A number of non-human tourists are currently on holiday in the Persephone-4 Orbital Habitat. Friends have told them they should visit the 123m, spire like, transmission tower the station is renowned for across the human sphere as well as sampling some of the local food outlets. Any gel like substance they leave in their wake on door handles and so forth is entirely natural and can easily be washed off with water. (Any rumours of Noctifiers is clearly inaccurate but may have been planted in the channels to throw off any intelligence – for now)

Name Model Type Narrative Upgrades
Miranda Authorized Bounty Hunter Her reputation and career potentially wrecked during this simple job for an anonymous client; was unaware her client was CA. Only way out is to follow this contract through and clean up any trail back to her Breaker Rifle
Hirok Nexus Operative Report – our attempt to employ local mercenaries did not go exactly as planned as cover blown so resorting to calling in more CA units. Our main objectives still being achieved however despite being compromised!
Libertos It’s a simple contract” she promised, “I just need you to cover my back”. Her plan to get us out of this mess had better work!
B-06 Unidron Batroid
Umbra Legate

Team Name:

Player: Wes Saunders

Name Model Type Narrative Upgrades
Callsign: Mullah Govad Automedkit
Callsign: Sultan Khawarij
Callsign: Caliph Lasiq
Callsign: Emir Ghulam
Callsign: Sheikh Ghulam

Team Name:

Player: Eddie Turner

Name Model Type Narrative Upgrades
Dog Warrior Infected b some unknown transmorphing disease
112 blackmailed doctor, helping out involuntarily
Line Kazak Buddy infected by some unknown transmorphing disease, will stop at nothing to see them cured

Team Name:

Player: Josh Fitzwilliams

Name Model Type Narrative Upgrades
Kent Kowalski Airborne Ranger – cigar and bourbon drinker

– general badass

– rumoured to have killed an antipode with his bare hands

Chuck Sizemore Grunt – cheap beer and big guns

– waver of flags

– xenophobe

Jenna Wolcott Grunt – politics major

– idealist

– currently in the final stages of completing a combat trauma care course

Terry Shughart Grunt – intelligent-Gung ho pistolier!

– clear thinking and concise

– future leader program

– misses his wife

Stacey Gordo Grunt Markmanship Lv.2
Devil Dogs

Team Name:

Player: Cameron Bell

Name Model Type Narrative Upgrades
órfão Zero HMG
fantasma Zero
louco Morlock
Reverend Custodier